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Problem gambling is an urge to gamble continuously despite harmful negative consequences . According to statistics by the BGM (British Medical Journal), families of problem gamblers are more likely to experience child abuse or other forms. They can help you find the information and support you need. Several organizations also provide information about gambling addiction and  ‎ Overview · ‎ Symptoms · ‎ Causes · ‎ Treatment. A collection of articles with gambling addiction information, about compulsive gambling its causes and treatment, including medicines against gambling.

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Scientific American maintains a strict policy of editorial independence in reporting developments in science to our readers. We won't share your email address. Research Explore Research Labs Find Clinical Trials Research Faculty Postdoctoral Fellowships Discovery's Edge Magazine Search Publications Training Grant Positions. How helpful was it? Information About Problem Gambling. Remove gambling apps and block gambling sites on your smartphone and computer. Indicates a MILD gambling problem 6 to 7: Because gambling addiction is often associated with depression, watch out for signs that you are, or your loved one is, suffering from this debilitating disorder. Please try again later. Finnish German Greek Italian Polish Russian Swedish. Here is some information that may be valuable. Over the decades researchers noticed that a remarkably high number of Parkinson's patients—between 2 and 7 percent—are compulsive gamblers. With the right treatment, gambling addiction is manageable.

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Some of the harms resulting from problem gambling include depression, suicide, lower work productivity, job loss, relationship breakdown, crime and bankruptcy. Rehab International is a website devoted to helping individuals and their families find the best addiction treatment programs to meet their specific needs. Preventing suicide in problem gamblers When gamblers feel hopeless, the risk of suicide is high. Various false beliefs and stimulation through excitement tend to keep people gambling. Problem gambling is often defined by whether harm is experienced by the gambler or others, rather than by the gambler's behaviour.


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